First round groups

The groups for the first round will look like this:

Hole# Division First name Last name PDGA#
1 MPO Carlos Río 16108
1 MA1 Rui Pires 70430
1 MA1 Michael Faber 69329
2 FPO Katka Bodova 61990
2 MPO Torleiv Guntvedt 3290
2 MA1 Gary O’Malley 46975
3 FPO Antonia Faber 65876
3 MPO Carlos Fernández Ortega 65536
3 MPO Benjamin Schneider 5115
4 MPO Martin Rotmeister 51689
4 FPO Danica Pajtak 62432
4 MPO Iván Gutiérrez de Terán 60648
4 MA1 Veremundo Rey Carriles  
7 FPO Mónica Alonso Meana
7 MPO Derek Robins 5980
7 MPO Rune Sveum
7 MA1 Raúl López-Cancio Martínez 67174
8 MA1 Pedro Ojeado Feijoo 67176
8 MPO Lars Jaeger 8439
8 MPO Anders D. Haugen 31228
9 FPO Natalie Holloköi 40800
9 FPO Aida Rey Braga
9 MPO Marcus Soddano Jorde 42248
11 MPO Miguel Fernández Caparrós 67177
11 FPO Maja Simenc 52334
11 MPO Bernd Wender 8673
12 MA1 David Fueyo Fernández
12 MA1 Javier del Riego Villaverde
12 MPO Harald Guntvedt Brevik
13 MA1 Sergio González-Cachón  
13 MPO Richard Kollar 61991
13 MPO Miguel Rivas de Frutos  
14 FPO Sofía Recuero Guerra
14 MA1 Juan M. Gutierrez Campos 67175
14 MPO Claudio Rodríguez González
16 MA1 Francisco Camarero Suárez  
16 MA1 Marco Franzoni 34900
16 MA1 Eduardo Díaz Sánchez  
17 MPO Lucas Rey Braga
17 MPO Frode Steen
17 MPO Bernd Kolmanz 47425
18 MPO Manuel A. Almeida Posada  
18 MPO Knut Hummelvoll  
18 MPO León Blanco Urbina


The official tournament disc is ready

The disc included in the players package is ready. We’re proud to present the ADGI2015 Opto Claymore:


This is Latitude 64’s own description:

The Claymore has a small dome and comfortable grip combined with a neutral flight that will suit most players. Compared to existing Latitude molds it will be slightly more overstable than the very popular Fuse.

Purificación Tomás Disc Golf: The new tees are well on their way

Hole #1

Hole #1

The City of Oviedo Park Department is, as always, doing a great piece of work with the new tee boxes that will be ready for the Asturias Disc Golf Invitational in January 21015. They are well on their way, all of the nine tee boxes have been dug up and the first three have already been filled up with concrete. It looks like they will be ready for testing by mid-January. The new rough concrete surfaces are leveled up and will improve traction greatly. The new set of tees will be a nice addition to the course, giving a hole new look to the first nine holes.