ADGI15 is over


After two wonderful days, the discgolf tournament is over.
Here are the final results:

Men’s Open:
1st- Carlos Río (Spain)
2nd- Anders D. Haugen (Norway)
3rd- Martin Rotmeister (Estonia)

Women’s Open:
1st- Katka Bodova (Slovakia)
2nd- Natalie Holloköi (Switzerland)
3rd- Antonia Faber (Germany)

Men’s Advanced:
1st- Gary O’Malley (U.K.)
2nd- Manuel A. Almeida (Spain)
3rd- Raul Lopez-Cancio (Spain)

Bernd Wender (Austria) – Raul Lopez-Cancio (Spain)


Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants.

We´ll upload all the result tomorrow.