The Asturias Disc Golf Invitational 2015 will be played saturday 24 and sunday 25 of january, and it is the first tournament of its kind in Spain. The idea of the tournament is to allow players form other parts of Europe to be the first to try the courses and interact with the local players. The visiting players will get the chance to play disc golf during the winter, and have the opportunity to get to know the region of Asturias, its culture and gastronomy. The tournament will also serve to promote the sport of disc golf in the region and the rest of the country. We hope the presence of experienced disc golfers from around Europe will inspire the local players and help develop their game, but most of all we hope all the participants will enjoy a new experience and have fun.

For more information about the tournament, please visit the event page.

Please let us know if you´re interested in being a part of the first international tournament in Spain by returning this form.

See you in Oviedo in January!