The Course

Purificación Tomás


Hole by hole (STANDARD VERSION):

hoyo 1 horizontal COMPLETO PURA sin publi

Measuring only 62 meters, the player is faced with an apparently easy birdie to open the round, but the basket is guarded by several trees and the green slopes to the right towards the out of bounds area.

hoyo 2 COMPLETO PURA horizontal

The standard version of this 82-meter hole is suited for a right-handed hyze from the tee. The tournament version, however, is a whole new ball game.

hoyo 3 horizontal COMPLETO PURA sin publi

With a panoramic view of the city of Oviedo running down the entire left-hand side of the fairway, this par three is a true postcard hole. With a 16-meter drop, you’ll need a precise and controlled first throw from the elevated tee to make the birdie.

hoyo 4 COMPLETO PURA horizontal

This relatively short hole brings out the sidearm of the right-handed player and leaves the leftie with a controlled hyze from the tee. The fairway slopes heavily from right to left. The green is flat and guarded in front by a couple of big trees.

hoyo 5 COMPLETO PURA horizontal

This is a scenic 106-meter long hole along a steep hillside. The out of bounds area is located to the left of the fairway. A powerful and controlled drive is essential in order to make the birdie on this par three hole.

hoyo 6 COMPLETO PURA horizontal

This wonderful hole runs uphill perpendicular to the fairway of hole five, and along the same steep slope. The steepness of the area around the green leaves the player with a tricky approach or putt if you have a big arm.

hoyo 7 COMPLETO PURA horizontal 2015

Seven is a 83-meter par hour hole featuring a double mandatory that rewards a long right-to-left drive from the elevated tee. The green is placed at the end of a fairway that slopes from right to left with the out of bounds area on the right side.

The hole offers the skilled player a good chance at birdie, but a well-placed drive from the tee is the key to success.

hoyo 8 horizontal COMPLETO PURA

The courses second longest hole is a 130-meter alley through a tree corridor extending along a fairway that tilts from left to right. The drive is played from an elevated tee and requires a delicate tee shot in order to pass the first of two double mandatories. The green is located in the open on the opposite side of the woods. This is a demanding hole where anything can happen.

hoyo 9 COMPLETO PURA 145m horizontal

The 9th hole is a strong uphill par-4 at 117 meters. The fairway is open and tilts from right to left, with the out of bound area extending along both sides. The green is guarded by small trees to make the upshot more demanding.


The back nine starts off with a short 82-meter par 3 hole with a fairway tucked between a greenhouse to the left and the woods to the right. The green is placed in the open space at the end of the fairway.


The standard version of hole eleven is an open right-handed 101-meter hyzer shot. The tee is slightly elevated and the fairway is split in two parts, with the green located at the end of the second part. The green tilts slightly from back to front and from left to right.

In the tournament version the green becomes an island, making the hole much more demanding.


Twelve is a short but difficult uphill 72-meter par four hole. The shot from the tee is very demanding due to the low ceiling and the sharp left dogleg in a narrow fairway sloped uphill from right to left. The basket is placed at the top of the fairway, guarded by small bushes.


This hole looks easy to the first-time player, but many a discgolfer has walked away from this very short par three with bogey or worse. A great first shot is needed to pass a triple mandatory and make it through a downhill fairway along a narrow corridor of trees.

The green is located in the open space at the end of the fairway.


This is an open 94-meter uphill par three with the basket placed in an green that slopes from left to right at the end of the fairway. In the standard version this hole is a right-handed hyze shot, in the competition version we split the fairway and the green becomes an island.

hoyo 15 CE15 PURA

This 101 meter long par 3 hole, starts off with a demanding first throw from an elevated tee, and the proximity to the out of bounds along the right side of the fairway makes the drive a bit more complicated.

The hole looks simple enough, but don’t let it fool you.


A hole for the big guns, a 74 meter uphill par three with the basket on top of a steep little hill. In order to make a birdie you’ll need a good drive and a decent putt, but be careful in the green, a sloppy putt may cost you dearly.

hoyo 17 COMPLETO PURA mando derecha

Seventeen is, in its last version, a complicated 93-meter uphill par three. The hole doglegs right around a big tree in the middle of the fairway. The green’s main defense is its diagonal slope, so in order to make the birdie the angle of attack of the drive is crucial.


The granary hole, last but not least. A short 72-meter par four hole that doglegs right of a tree in the middle of the fairway and ends in a small green surrounded by out of bounds. The basket is placed by the iconic Galician granary, and the green slopes front to back between the out of bounds areas.

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